Upcoming 2023-24 School Year

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                                                                            NCAA Athlete Academic Requirements

Sample high school class schedule for NCAA eligibility

Below is a sample high school course schedule that would ensure a student-athlete was on track to meet all of the DI and DII core course requirements. These are generic course names, and they may or may not match up with the list of courses for your high school. It is important you sit down with your high school counselor and put together a similar plan with the courses that are approved for your high school.

  • Freshman Year
    • English I
    • Algebra I
    • Spanish I
    • American Government
  • Sophomore Year
    • English II
    • Geometry
    • Biology
    • Spanish II
    • Social Science
  • Junior Year
    • English III
    • Algebra II
    • Chemistry I
    • Economics
  • Senior Year
    • English IV
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Physics

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