If you have a child that has been assigned because of a prescribed or non-prescribed drug , the student must complete a drug assessment before they can return to school. Here are some facilities to try: 

Step 1: Contact one of the following sites to schedule an appointment for an assessment. 

St. Martin Parish School Based  Health  Clinic(s)                           
Cecilia:                                         1021 School Street              337.909.3960                      
Breaux Bridge:                         328 N Main Street               337.909.3040   
St. Martinville:                          720 N. Main Street              337.909.3260              


Step 2: Student must turn in a letter to the JCEP admininstrator. Go to the staff page and click Administrator hyperlink to send to the correct email address.
Within the letter note the student's name, school and grade at the top AND your request to return to school ( handwritten is fine as well). Scan and send is optional. Make sure a follow-up email for the parent is provided. No letters will be sent before the review date and without an assessment result.


Step 3: All approvals for school returns must be approved by the Superintendent. 


Step 4: If approved parents will be notified via phone and/or email. 


** Virtual students must complete five(5) hours daily when any school in the parish is open**


                                                                                                     JCEP  attendance                                                                                                                                 

Parents and Guardians:

Students serving an assignment at JCEP shall attend school unless one of the following circumstances have occurred: 

a. A letter is received with a JCEP letter head on it stating the student is returning to school.
b. A letter is received with a JCEP letter head on it stating the student is being sent to their home school for testing.
c. The parish has declared an emergency and JCEP is in the area of the affected emergency. 
d. If you receive a call from the school and it is after check in.  The JCEP secretary inputs attendance daily, if the student is enrolled and there is an absentee the secretary will give you a call unless the student is virtual.



Edgenuity Parent Access:

Directions to the Edgenuity Family Portal:

To complete the login access follow the steps below:

1. Login to
2. Choose Families
3. Choose Activate account 
4. Enter your email address 
5. Enter the activation code 

Contact an *Edgenuity administrator at JCEP for the code.  

* High school teacher or School administrator.


  Site Hours: 

8:00 am to 2:45 pm.  

Walkers and Car-riders     
Early drop-off                                7:20 am
Walkers and Car-Riders               
Late pickup                                     3:00 pm

If you have questions on site closings or student attendance  feel free to call 337. 909. 3362.

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