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For parent(s) or the guardian(s), stay up to date with school-wide notifications about school events:
Text 81010 to @jcepa                   Devices that are not using smartphones                                      Smartphone                Email

Parent Information 


Awareness to SUICIDE PREVENTION Week  Sept 10- Sept 14, 2018

                                                  To bring awareness to the cause students wrote messages and released balloons with the district suicide card.
If you are in the need and don't know how to ask for help, take this card to a counselor, teacher, clergy, doctor, parent or friend and say: "I need to use my yellow ribbon"
If you  are given this card: Stay with the person- you are their lifeline! Listen really listen. Take them seriously! Get or call help immediately!
                                                                                                         1-800-SUICIDE ( 1-800-784-2493)

Site Relocation:

Juvenile Continuing Education Program has moved to next to the College and Career Readiness Center:

702A West Bridge Street
Breaux Bridge, LA  70517
337.909.3362 Main Office 
337.909.3361 Principal Office