St. Martin Parish will be hosting parent teacher conferences on Thursday, October 21st (3:30 - 6:30 and the morning of Friday, October 22nd (7:30 - 11:30). 

If you would like to register to meet virtually feel free to choose a highlighted calendar link and await a response. The periods set will allow you to meet with assigned personnel for your student. Choose at least two options for a virtual meeting as they may fill up quickly.

If you would like to meet in person, feel free to stop by. If you would like to have a virtual meeting feel free to choose a highlighted link and await a response.  When attending in person meeting feel free to call.  Masks are required if you are meeting in person.  


 October 21, 2021 and October 22, 2021

(Virtual meetings)

Links have been removed as the virtual sessions have concluded.

Thanks from the

JCEP Virtual PTC Team

At-Risk Snack and Supper Meal pickups will be available to all enrolled students (virtual or on campus) of St. Martin Parish School District every Saturday from 10:30a.m. - 12:30p.m. 7 snacks and 7 supper meals will be provided. Pick up will be at Breaux Bridge Sr. High, Cecilia Sr. High and St. Martinville Sr. High. Please register at the link below.

The Department of Child and Family Services has a Parent Portal for you to view and receive information about your child's P-EBT benefits. You will need to create a CAFE account and link your student's P-EBT case to your CAFE account. We encourage all of you to do this to verify the information that was sent on your behalf. If you find an error, then reach out to us to verify what we have in the SIS system is correct. Click the link below to get started:

If you scroll down, they have video instructions to help you. Please be aware that if an error is found, it will take approximately 6 weeks to process and get you a new card.

                                                                                                        JCEP  attendance                                                                                                                                 

Parents and Guardians:

Students serving an assignment at JCEP shall attend school unless one of the following circumstances have occurred: 

a. A letter is received with a JCEP letter head on it stating the student is returning to school.
b. A letter is received with a JCEP letter head on it stating the student is being sent to their home school for testing.
c. The parish has declared an emergency and JCEP is in the area of the affected emergency. 
d. If you receive a call from the school and it is after check in at 8:05am be sure to contact the JCEP secretary via email or phone for an update. JCEP inputs attendance daily however, if the student is enrolled and there is an absentee the secretary will give you a call unless the student is virtual.
e. School transportation times can be affected dismissal of students in certain areas . If you are located in St. Martinville and the area schools are dismissing early it is highly probable that only students that reside in the St. Martinville  area will dismiss early. If this affects you call 337.909.3362 or check the JCEP site for further information on the date of dismissal. In this case a partial day attendance is still required. 

  Site Hours: 

8:00 am to 2:45 pm. 

Walkers and Car-riders                                 Early drop-off                                7:30 am
Walkers and Car-Riders                                Late pickup                                     3:00 pm

If you have questions on site closings or student attendance  feel free to call 337. 909. 3362.


If you have a child that has been assigned because of a prescribed or non-prescribed drug , the student must complete a drug assessment before they can return to school. Here are some facilities to try: 

St. Martin Parish School Based  Health  Clinic                               Integrated Wellness Clinic ( Inside Acadiana Recovery Ctr)            New Iberia Behavioral Health
Cecilia:      1021 School Street              337.909.3960                   401 West Vermillion St                                                                                           611 W. Admiral Doyle Drive   
Breaux Bridge:  328 N Main Street   337.909.3040                   Lafayette, LA  70501                                                                                                New Iberia, La   70560                                                   St. Martinville:  720 N. Main Street  337.909.3260                   337-345-6120 or 337-524-1415                                                                      337-373-2135


Edgenuity Parent Access:

Directions to the Edgenuity Family Portal:

To complete the login access follow the steps below:

1. Login to
2. Choose login
3. Choose Family Login
4. Choose Activate account 
5. Enter your email address 
6. Then enter the activation code above. 

Contact an Edgenuity administrator at JCEP for the code.